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Client Survey

We are very interested in your opinion of our services. It is very important to us
if you could please take a moment to fill out the following survey.
Thank You Kindly

 How did you hear about us.?
     Referred By Someone, 
      If so, Who May We Thank
    Called in from A Sign  
    Called from TWTV Show
    For Sale By Owner and We Contacted You
    Expired Listing and We Contacted You
    Knew the Agent Already
    Worked with Agent in the Past
    Walked In Our Office From A Sign
 Called From One Of Our Mailings That Was Sent To You  


Your Full Name:


Name of your Agent:


 From one to five, 5 being excellent and 1 being unsatisfactory, please rate the following by circling the appropriate number for each question.

(needs improvement)
(very good)
Was your agent able to answer all of your questions, and in a timely manner?
          Unsatisfactory 1     5 Excellent
How would you rate your agent’s level of expertise and professionalism?
          Unsatisfactory 1     5 Excellent
Did you receive regular telephone contact from your Agent?
If there was one thing that we could improve upon, what would that be?
What do you feel we excelled at?
Was there one thing in particular in our listing presentation that caused you to choose us, over any other agent?
    Yes     If Yes, what?  
Do you feel that based on prices that similar homes were selling for, that you received a fair price?
May we use your name in co-affiliation with your comments in our promotional literature?
iPro Realty Ltd. Brokerage
Kevin Flaherty, Manager/Sales Rep.
Office: 1-877-352-4378 or Cell: 905-581-6638